Campsite report: Nymboida River Campground, Ramornie, NSW

4WD touring, fishing and kayaking lovers! Nymboida River Campground in Ramornie is the ultimate free campground for you!

Some people say that the best camps are found in hard to get to places. And it is true, it feels rewarding when you tour through the forest, climbing some hills and end up at a beautiful place. Several scenic 4WD-only fire trails lead you to this ultimate bush camp. It is located at the Nymboida river and offers great kayaking and canoeing. You will also find some shallow rapids for that bit of extra thrill. And the best is that most of the year water levels are sufficient to paddle for kilometres and kilometres. If you want to go real adventurous, pack up a small tent in your kayak and paddle up the river for a day and come back the next day. You will also find plenty of unmarked bushwalking including a short relaxing walk to an old hut. Furthermore, it is a great spot for fishing and if the river is deep enough, for a bit of swimming. Altogether, this is a great camp for a long weekend as there is plenty to do and a great spot to relax.

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Campground details:

The campground is located at two large areas on different levels. The higher level has a nice bush setting with a drop toilet but requires you to walk a bit to the river. The lower level offers the best camping experience as it is next to the river. Although there is a warning sign that it is susceptible to flooding, it is such a large area that you are likely to find a good spot save from the waterline. The track to the lower level is a nice steep decent but nothing every 4WD’er shouldn’t be able to handle.

Highlights of Nymboida River Campground:

  • Good long distance kayaking
  • Great 4WD touring through the forest
  • Good fishing and bit of swimming
  • Bushwalk to an old hut at end of T-Ridge Rd (be cautious for red bellies and other snakes)

More info:

NSW National Park – Nymboida River Campground


Caution! – The location in the map above is approximate.

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