Campsite report: Dunns Swamp Campground NSW

Great swimming, fishing and bushwalking at Dunns Swamp Campground

I came across this amazing campground in Wollemi National Park. Dunns Swamp Campground is a very family friendly with multiple big sites. The beach campground was my favourite but only offers tent camping. There is heaps to do such as fishing, bushwalks, kayaking and swimming.ย The river is deep as it is a dam area. Kayaks are sometimes rented out in the day area. There are also walking tracks available to an awesome lookout and along some nice historic aboriginal rock paintings. You can either kayak or walk to the dam.

Kayaking, bushwalking, fishing, swimming, it is all there

Firewood is supplied and the campground is relatively clean. There have been in the past problems with vandals and drunks and there are supposedly cameras around. They also closed the campground over new years to prevent problems. There were no problems when I was there but I do noticed that a lot of the aboriginal rock paintings have been affected by graffiti. Picnic tables and fire rings are available, as are multiple long drop toilets. Camping fees are onlyย $6 per adult per night. $3.50 per child per night (paid on site by self-registration). As it is a NP, pets are not allowed. The dammed river is a source of non-potable water which can be boiled for at least 10 minutes before drinking. Check local fire bans and rules. There is also sometimes kayak hire.


An amazing view from the lookout
An amazing view from the lookout


You can kayak or hike to the dam.
You can kayak or hike to the dam. The dam is the reason there is so much water in the river ๐Ÿ™‚


Great kayaking and swimming.
Great kayaking, fishing and swimming.

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Caution! – The location in the map above is approximate.
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Getting there

Dunns Swamp – Ganguddy campground is on the west side of Wollemi National Park and can be reached by regular 2wd vehicles. In order to get there from Rylstone, turn off at the hospital onto Narrango Road and follow the signs to Dunns swamp for aprox 30km.

5 thoughts on “Campsite report: Dunns Swamp Campground NSW

  1. it looks great and we are considering a few days there at Easter. are there any 4×4 tracks to play within a reasonable distance?

    1. Unfortunately there arent really 4wd tracks around as too many ppl have been trashing the place in the past. So everything is locked ๐Ÿ™

      1. There is a 4wd track going from Olinda down into the Widden Valley.
        You will have to contact NP to get a couple of gates unlocked.

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