Telsie: my ultimate remote tourer

How do you prepare a car for a trip around Australia?

This was my main question after I decided to follow my dream. I wanted the car to be able to get to those hard-to-reach destinations. In addition, another requirement was to be able to live of the grid for at least 7 days but also be able to survive 7 cloudy days.  In this posts you will find a summary of the details of in my opinion the ultimate remote tourer with more dedicated posts on the mechanical and electrical side of things.


Telsie specs
Telsie touring setup overview


I have big halogen lights on the bull-bar to shine light far ahead of me on those dark country roads. The lights can be switched on with a button in the dash. These lights are wired up together with a front LED bar mounted on the roof rack. This combination works very well as the LED complements the halogen lights. The halogen lights give me the distance while the LED bar gives me the close by spread. Side mounted LED bars give me light on the camping or during 4WD. I also have three additional LED spots on the rear to light up the rear and surrounds for reversing at night.

Typical 4WD accessories

A rope winch is mounted in the bull bar for when I get stuck. I decided on rope because it saves weights and it is safer to handle. For communication with others, I have a UHF and high and low dbi aerials (for hilly and flat terrain).


I admit that I like certain luxuries such as ice cream and a hot shower when it is getting cold outside. Therefore I invested in a fridge/freezer and a Glind shower system. The shower is an interesting system consisting of an heat exchanger, pump and a 40l water tank.

ECUTalk to diagnose and monitor

ECUTalk consults LCD display is a small diagnostic and monitoring display. It is specifically designed for Nissan cars supporting the Consult diagnostic protocol which are most Patrols younger then 2004. In my opinion, this tool is very useful and an essential part of my remote tourer as it displays the actual sensory information such as:

  • Speed (including average speed on trip meter)
  • RPM
  • Battery Voltage
  • Coolant Temperature
  • Air Flow
  • Throttle Position
  • Distance and Time (on trip meter)
  • Added Sensors for TD42Ti
    • Injector Control Valve (ICV) %
    • Actual Injection Timing -xxº
    • Barometer hPa

(and even more sensors on petrol cars)

For me the coolant temperature is a really useful feature as the dash gauge does not provide a lot of information. Also the option to do some diagnosis is a benefit.


ECUTalk Consult LCD Display is a diagnostic and monitoring display for Nissan cars.
ECUTalk Consult LCD Display is a diagnostic and monitoring display for Nissan cars.

Outdoor sports

I love kayaking, fishing and mountain-biking and I like to be able to do this on my trip. The fishing kayak is nicely mounted on the roof on some pool noodles. I don’t have to worry about angles and corrugations as the kayak can be mounted on 6 points. The mountain-bike is mounted on a modified bike holder, nicely placed between the two spare wheels. The bike holder also functions as shovel and axe holder.


Bike holder
Montainbike, shovel and axe holder

Although I think this is the ultimate remote tourer, I am sure that I will make changes over time. I will update this post as I make changes to my set-up. Feel free to share your touring set-up or post any questions you have in the comments.

See you on the road less travelled!

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