Where will I go in Australia?

When you tell people that you will travel around for a year they will obviously ask you where you will go. I like to go for the stress-free approach rather than a congested itinerary. Using Google Maps, I made a map with locations of points to see and made it publicly available so that followers can add points. You find the map here under as well with a small how-to-guide under the map.


During the trip, I will use my Camps 8 to find those beautiful freedom campsites, sometimes in little towns and other times in the middle of nowhere. There is a magnificent amount of history be found in Australia, from routes taken by earlier explorers (with the Dutch being the first Europeans setting foot in Australia) to old gold mining towns which now turned into ghost towns. As mining is declining, Australia starts to change, with more and more remote towns turning empty. These towns rely enormously on tourism and I will visit these towns on my travels as well.  In addition, all over Australia, my plan is to also meet indigenous communities and to request permissions to restricted areas, getting a taste of their culture.

Share your favorite spot!

Are there any places missing on the map, feel free to add them or to leave a comment. Lets share the best of Australia! Lets share the best of the road less traveled!

Disclaimer: my Camps 8 was donated by Camp Australia Wide. You can buy Camps 8 from http://www.campsaustraliawide.com/

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